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Jetaire Group team members routinely participate in leading industry events to promote the innovative fire safety solutions designed by the firm.

Upcoming Events Where Jetaire Will be Represented

MRO Americas 2024

Bringing together 16,000+ industry professionals, MRO Americas is the leading MRO event in the industry and world- renowned opportunity to connect with the entire aviation aftermarket.

The three-day exhibition features nearly 1000 exhibitors from around the world, representing all levels of the airline supply chain.

Jetaire will be onsite and available for meetings to discuss the upcoming Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction rule and how the revolutionary INVICTA product provides the most cost-effective means to compliance. 

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MRO Americas 2024

April 8-11, 2024 - Chicago, IL

NBAA Maintenance 2024

April 30 - May 2, 2024 - Portland, OR

NBAA Maintenance

From technicians to directors of maintenance, the 2024 NBAA Maintenance Conference is the ultimate experience if you’re an aviation maintenance professional looking to expand your network and advance your career. Whether you’re a rising star or an established industry professional, this exciting must-attend event will offer valuable education sessions on the industry’s best practices and an opportunity to connect with hundreds of exhibitors on a bustling exhibit floor showcasing the latest innovations, tools and technology designed to equip maintenance professionals for success.


With three full days of essential resources and education sessions covering the latest operational information critical to your role, this is an unmatched experience you won’t want to miss.

Get to Know INVICTA by Jetaire

Aircraft Fuel tank explosions occur in the ullage -- the space above the fuel level that can create a dangerous mixture of fuel and air. When an ignition source is present, perhaps a spark, the vapor adjacent to the spark ignites rapidly which creates a chain reaction that leads to a fuel tank explosion in milliseconds. 

Jetaire’s INVICTA utilizes a proprietary Reticulated Polyurethane Foam (RPF) that reduces the incidence of explosions. The foam is a lightweight, self-extinguishing, three-dimensional skeletal matrix that suppresses fuel ignition caused by heated fuel vapor, tank rupture, lightning strike, static discharge, or outside factors.

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