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INVICTA™ - The Nitrogen Generating Alternative for FTFR Compliance


Say goodbye to costly maintenance and hello to INVICTA, the commercial aircraft industry's leading foam-based ignition mitigation means for fuel tank flammability reduction. Experience a cost-effective, hassle-free solution that outshines the competition.

Embrace cutting-edge technology with INVICTA and enhanced cost savings compared to nitrogen-generating fuel tank inerting systems. Rest easy with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and professional onsite installation included.


Download our INVICTA guide to learn more!   

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FAA Airworthiness Directives for Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction

AD 2020-18-13 – Boeing 737 Series - Jetaire STC: ST03450NY

AD 2019-24-01 – Airbus A320 & 330 Series - Jetaire STC: ST03834NY

AD 2020-18-16 – Boeing 767 Series - Jetaire STC: ST04405AT

AD 2016-07-07 – Original AD on Boeing 757 - Jetaire STC: ST04415AT

FTFR Compliance Without
the FQIS Headache

INVICTA requires no modification to the fuel quantity indicating system (FQIS) and is hassle-free to manage. With a maintenance-free design and an industry-leading 10-year warranty, it's the lowest total cost of ownership solution for FTFR compliance.

Looking for more? 

INVICTA is approved as a flammability reduction means (FRM) by the FAA and other regulatory agencies, ensuring compliance to the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule under 14 CFR 25.981 (a)(c)(d). INVICTA ignition mitigation means (IMM) modifications are professionally installed by our trusted partners onsite, anywhere on the planet.

The safest, most
cost-effective solution for fuel tank flammability reduction.

Don't compromise on safety or break the bank. Jetaire's INVICTA is the industry's leading non-mechanical ignition mitigation solution. Avoid costly modifications and ongoing maintenance with INVICTA's maintenance-free system, no fuel purge requirement, and a generous 10-year warranty. Experience peace of mind without sacrificing your budget.

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