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Aviation Manufacturer Jetaire Receives AFAC Certification

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Jetaire, an Aviation Manufacturer specializing in FAR 25.981 Compliance, 

Receives Mexican AFAC Certification for Boeing 737 Series

ATLANTA - Jetaire, a global aviation company that manufacturers and services fuel tank flammability reduction (FTFR) compliance products and services, just expanded its safety commitment to the Latin American market by gaining their Agencia Federal de Aviación Civil (AFAC) certification for B737 (Certificate #2019S11-06) from the Mexican Aviation Airworthiness Authority. This authorizes Jetaire to provide fuel safety products, maintenance and repairs to this highly utilized aircraft registered in Mexico, one of the strongest aviation markets in Latin America.  

Fuel safety compliance is required to reduce the chances of mid-air explosions due to an aircraft’s fuel system. The FTFR has outlined specific safety measures that need to be met by all aircraft flying within or into the United States (and operating under FAR part 121). By giving Jetaire this this new certification, it showcases Mexico’s trust in the company as well as the country’s overall commitment to aligning with US and international fuel safety compliance standards. It also provides Jetaire with an ability to work with one of the most active aviation markets in Latin America --enabling the company to further expand the footing of their patented reticulated foam technology, Invicta™, which has become an FAA compliance requirement for FAR 25.981.

“The growing need for excellence in aircraft maintenance and aviation safety makes this the perfect opportunity to bring our fuel system compliance expertise and product to the Mexican market,” stated Michael Williams, President of Jetaire Group. “With more than 35 years of aviation engineering and certification experience and Invicta, our aircraft fuel tank safety system, we have set the bar for quality low-weight fuel system safety that complies with strict FAA and EASA standards. We are honored to add AFAC to that list,” Williams added. 

Made in the USA, Invicta is Jetaire’s proprietary solution for fuel tank flammability reduction (FTFR) compliance. The Invicta system is customized to the fuel tank ignition mitigation needs of any aircraft. Once created, it is installed within a few days –minimizing disruption of airline flight schedules. Jetaire’s four international locations have provided fuel system compliance support in more than 50 countries and outfitted more than 60 aircraft worldwide with their unique Invicta system.  The company has also developed more than 500 major FAA Design approvals in association to their 40+ Supplemental Type Certificates (STC).  

To learn more about Jetaire, their patented Invicta fuel safety system kits, or their AFAC certification, please email l or call 404-346-7175.

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When it comes to aircraft fuel tank safety and compliance, Jetaire is the only team I work with. Their unique INVICTA product is lightweight, has zero failures, and requires no maintenance. 

What more could you ask for?

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Jetaire is an aviation safety engineering and aerospace manufacturing firm that specializes in aircraft fuel tank system compliance. Whether seeking FAA, EASA, AFAC or ANAC compliance, our products and services are trusted in more than 50 countries by some of the most renown airlines in the world. 

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