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How INVICTA™ by Jetaire Group Brings Aircraft into Compliance with FTFR Requirements

The Need for Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction

Fuel tank flammability reduction is important because of the danger posed by fuel tanks in the event of a fire. As fuel is consumed during engine operation, the space within the fuel tanks void of fuel is replaced with fumes that are subject to ignition under the right circumstances. Therefore, it is important to reduce the flammability of fuel tanks by mitigating the risk of an explosion.

How is IMM (Ignition Mitigation Means) being Mandated?

The FAA has issued multiple airworthiness directives (AD) related to fuel tank flammability compliance. These ADs require that all aircraft must meet the requirements of FAR 25.981 and FAR 121.1117. It also requires that aircraft must have fuel tanks and fuel systems that are designed, constructed, operated, and tested to meet the requirements of the applicable FARs.

The AD also requires that aircraft must have fuel tanks and fuel systems that are inspected and maintained according to the requirements of FAR 121.1117. Finally, the AD requires that aircraft must be tested to ensure that they meet the requirements of FAR 25.981.

The applicable FAA ADs include:

AD 2020-18-13 – Boeing 737NG aircraft & corresponding Jetaire STC: ST03450NY

AD 2019-24-01 – Airbus A320 family aircraft & corresponding Jetaire STC: ST03834NY

AD 2020-18-16 – Boeing 767 aircraft & corresponding Jetaire STC: ST04405AT

AD 2019-24-01 - Airbus A330-200 aircraft & corresponding Jetaire STC: Expected July 2023

AD 2016-07-07 – Original AD on Boeing 757 aircraft

How Does INVICTA Bring Aircraft into Compliance?

INVICTA™ by Jetaire Group disrupts the fire triangle and brings aircraft into compliance with the applicable airworthiness directives. Holding STCs (supplemental type certificates) across several regulatory jurisdictions including the FAA, Transport Canada, ANAC, and EASA, INVICTA ™ is the only patented solution designed to meet fuel tank flammability reduction compliance.

Each applicable airworthiness directive contains language describing the pathway to compliance through an approved modification that reduces the potential risk for an ignition incident. For the Boeing 737NG series the AD reads as presented below:

Excerpt of AD 2020-18-13 for Boeing B737NG FTFR compliance
AD 2020-18-13 Excerpt

INVICTA ™ by Jetaire Group is the only patented, compliant FRM (flammability reduction means). Each Jetaire STC specifically describes the INVICTA ™ modification as IMM/FRM technology, ensuring compliance with FTFR 25.981.

Jetaire STC: ST03450NY for Boeing B737NG illustrating INVICTA as a compliant IMM/FRM
Jetaire STC: ST03450NY for Boeing B737NG

What Makes INVICTA ™ the Leading IMM/FRM Solution?

INVICTA ™ by Jetaire Group utilizes a proprietary Reticulated Polyurethane Foam (RPF) that reduces the incidence of explosions. The foam is a lightweight, self-extinguishing, three-dimensional skeletal matrix that suppresses fuel ignition caused by heated fuel vapor, tank rupture, lightning strike, static discharge, or outside factors.

Achieving fuel tank flammability compliance is a complex process, but it is possible with the right knowledge and resources. Jetaire Group specializes in fuel tank flammability compliance and can help ensure compliance with the applicable airworthiness directives and mandates through their proprietary and patented INVICTA ™ solution. Installing INVICTA ™ is straightforward and can be performed by airline maintenance teams in only a matter of days.

Additionally, unlike competitors, INVICTA ™ does not require costly fuel purges after the installation is complete. With the entire modification taking less than a week from start to finish and requiring zero maintenance after installation, not only is INVICTA ™ the most effective FRM solution, it is the most efficient!


Fuel tank flammability compliance is an important aspect of aircraft operations. It is critical for ensuring the safety of passengers, crew, and aircraft. To achieve compliance, it is important to understand the applicable requirements set forth by the mandating civil aviation authorities and other regulatory agencies. Working with Jetaire Group brings immediate expertise and experience into any fleet integration regarding FRM and IMM. The patented INVICTA ™ modification kit is approved for IMM application across several jurisdictions and can be ordered today to meet compliance mandates well ahead of schedule.


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