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Jetaire Completes Installation of INVICTA™ System for Avolon

Jetaire has completed installation of its Invicta system on two Airbus A320 aircraft owned by leasing company Avolon. Jetaire was selected by Avolon as its supplier for compliance with FAR 25.981. Jetaire is the original developer of the Invicta reticulated foam technology and has the only patented foam-based solution as a means of compliance with the requirements of FAR 25.981.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Avolon to install our patented solution in these aircraft,” said Mike Williams, Jetaire’s President. “Jetaire is committed to providing customers with a quality product that not only addresses compliance requirements, but is competitively priced, easy to install and is effective and reliable.”

Jetaire’s Invicta system is a center tank flammability reduction and ignition mitigation method solution, currently FAA-certified for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft, the B737, 737NG, B757, and B767 aircraft. The system meets FAA requirements for compliance with 14CFR 25.981 and 121.1117. Certification of the system for the A330 is nearing completion and work is well underway for the Boeing 777.

The Invicta technology offers a number of benefits that address FAA requirements for a compliant Flammability Reduction System (FRS). In addition, installation of the Invicta system is much faster and simpler than other products offered in the market, thus minimizing disruption of customers’ schedules. Once installed, the Invicta system is essentially maintenance-free and completely passive. More than 60 aircraft are currently flying with the Invicta system onboard.

This year marks Jetaire’s 35th anniversary serving the aviation industry, and it has experienced significant growth over the years. Earlier this year, the company finished remodeling the 25,000 square foot building it purchased near its Fayetteville, GA production facility to accommodate expanded production capabilities. The physical expansion is part of Jetaire’s overall growth strategy.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Jetaire is a global organization with dedicated employees located in four offices worldwide. Over the years, Jetaire has developed over 500 major FAA approvals and is the Design Approval Holder for 40+Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). Visit to learn more.

Media Contact: Joanne Sanders O: 1-844-EWISECO ▪ M: 404-644-2779

Jetaire Contact: Mike Williams O: 404-346-7175 ▪ M:770-356-6562


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